Angels From Under My Feet

1. Natasha the Flasher
2. How Divine
3. Saudi Arabian Alcoholics Anonymous
4. The Vegetarian Cat
5. Keep On Good Terms With Worms
6. The Goal of a Mole
7. The Ancient Briton
8. The Terrible Werewolves, Parts I & II
9. Mrs Fanshaw
10. Bill the Mammoth Basher
11. The Gorgon
12. Noah and his Chopper
13. The Whitby Dracula

All songs recorded in 1999 and written, composed and arranged by Mike Absalom between 1971 and 1999.

Copyright Mike Absalom.

Cover illustration by Cornelia Weinmann.

Angels From Under My Feet was recorded in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada in 1999, by Greg Stuart at Grene Genes Productions Studio. For fourteen years, Mike had been earning his living as a serious harpist, playing both Celtic and Paraguayan harp and touring extensively all over Canada, the USA and South America with Harps International an all-girl harp ensemble in which he was the only male member and had been vigorously supplying comic relief from the Yukon Territory to Tierra Del Fuego. It now seemed timely to return to the wicked wit of Mike's early humorous songs and satirical verses, some of them yet unrecorded, and see how they came across accompanied, not by ragtime guitar but by the fluid and magical resonances of the Celtic harp. The songs are presented here in a completely different way, and we are sure that you will find them as musically enchanting as they are hilariously funny. The result is this unusual and delightful CD.