Harps International Live in Concert


  1. Morrison's Jig


  2. Seguidilla

  3. Chanson dans la Nuit

  4. Dance of the Swent

     First Snows of Winter

  5. Nandu

  6. Pajaro Campana

  7. Montmartre Caf

  8. Morena Yuky

  9. Snatch of Jazz

10. Greensleeves

11. Caravans of the Desert Moon

12. Cherry Blossoms

13. Ruined Castle

14. Un Homme ne meurt jamais d'Amour

15. 26 Mayo

16. Early One Morning

      O Suzanna


All songs recorded live in 1992.

Copyright Mike Absalom, Lori Pappajohn, Jill Whitman.

Cover illustration by Cornelia Weinmann

Harps International - Live in Concert was recorded in 1992 during a concert at the small arts centre on Bowen Island, which lies just off the coast of British Columbia near Vancouver. Lori Pappajohn had asked Mike Absalom and Jill Whitman to join her in forming a harp trio to present music written for the Classical, the Celtic and the Paraguayan Harp. At that time, this was a novel idea, for there was no other group combining these very different evolutions of the harp and offering their diverse voices in a single ensemble. Lori was already established in the Vancouver area as a Celtic harpist. Jill taught pedal harp in Bellingham, USA and was a well-known Seattle orchestral harpist. Mike had just returned from studying Paraguayan harp in Asuncion under the sponsorship of the Canada Council. This was to be their first 'touring' concert and happily, it was captured live on tape. Later the group was to go on to great success, triumphantly crossing Canada from East to West, repeatedly touring the USA and playing in the furthest corners of South America. It is a diverting and eclectic concert and demonstrates the energy of presentation that was to turn Harps International into one of Canada's most popular touring ensembles of the
1990s. It offers music which ranges through a colourful spectrum of styles and periods from neo-romanticism to jazz, folk and the songs of cafe society and parallels the excitement and difficulties the group themselves experienced while travelling around the world by road, rail and air in the company of a flute, three bulky harps and a collection of outlandish rhythm instruments.

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