Hector and Other Pecadillos

Original Cover illustration


1. Eccliastical Cheesecake Walk  Lyrics
2. Hector the Dope Sniffing Hound  Lyrics   Picture of Hector
3. Kara Du
4. Flasher Jack at the Cinema
5. The Saga of Flasher Jack and Annabelle at the Seaside in Scarborough  Cartoon strip
6. The Saga Of W.P.C. Sadie Stick, MacLagan and Bomber Dina  Lyrics   Cartoon strip    Illustration of MacLagan & Sadie
7. Royal Borough Blues
8. Tax for the Taxman
9. Finger Exercises
10. The Saga of the Ancient Briton

11. Kerry Gold

1972 Philips 6308 131

All lyrics written, composed and arranged by Mike Absalom.

Mike Absalom: Vocals and acoustic guitar.
Ray Fenwick (ex-Quiver): Electric, acoustic guitar and harp.

Eric Dillon: Drums

John Perry: Bass

Mike Weaver: Keyboards

Produced by Mike Lennox

Sound engineer: Peter Olliff

Copyright Mike Absalom. Published by April Music.

Sleeve illustration and design by Grahame Berney/Dream Studios.