Mighty Absalom sings Bathroom Ballads

Original cover

1. Horrible Aches and Pains
2. Seven Old Ladies
3. Ring the Bell Verger
4. The Rajah of Astrakan
5. The Thrasing Machine
6. Sir Jasper
7. Working Down the Sewer
8. The Wee Wee Song
9. The Ring Dang Doo
10. Three Old Whores from Winnipeg
11. The Bachelor's Son
12. John Thomas
13. The Highland Tinker
14. The Bastard King of England
15. Nuts in May

1965  Sportsdisc 1081  

The sleeve pictures three other LP's on the Sportsdisc label - all Rugby Songs by The Jock Strap Ensemble! The sleeve also has the following liner notes;
"Mighty Absalom was born in 1940 in a Vicarage in Torquay, Devon, of English, Irish and Welsh ancestry. After attending nine different schools in England and Canada he went up to St. Catherine's Society at Oxford and graduated with a Fourth Class Honours Degree in Arabic and Persian.
Since coming down from Oxford, he has travelled the world singing his traditional "broadside" songs and earning a precarious living on the side by taking on a variety of jobs. Mother's help in Greece, dancing partner in Teheran, schoolmaster in Sweden and busking in the streets of Paris are only some of the things Absalom has done. He is now busy carving out a career for himself as a singer and some of the songs on this LP are a good example of the type of song that is making Mighty Absalom's name well known in and around the London clubs."

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