The Paraguayan Harp of Mike Absalom

 1. Montmartre Cafe

 2. Pianita

 3. Boolavogue (Trad.)

 4. Going Nowhere on a Mule 

 5. The Sally Gardens (Trad.)

 6. Tren Lechero (F. Perez Cardoso)

 7. The Road to Nemby

 8. Arpa Paraguaya (Trad.)

 9. Cascada (Digno Garcia)

10. Nde Kuna Karai Pora (To a Married Woman)

11. Over the Sea to Skye (Trad.)

12. Still Life with Memory

13. Estrella del Sur

14. Pajaro Campana (Trad.)

15. Scarborough Fair

All songs written by Mike Absalom except where stated.

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