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This one is me playing the Phono Fiddle: which I had bought NEW!!! in Warrington or somewhere like that. If only I had it today!!! 

The shot is outside the place where I lived, the notorious 17 Hornton Street, between Notting Hill Gate and Kensington High St. Here I hosted Dave Swarbrick and Martin Carthy and Dominic Behan after gigs at my folk club in Bayswater, the Holy Ground (in the basement of the Catholic Church in Inverness Terrace (or place?) in partnership with Father Seamus Mulvaney..God Bless him, chaplain for Wormwood Scrubs , where we also gigged. 

Here also I was visited by David Jones, just becoming David Bowie, and his lady Hermione Farthingale, and Hutch Hutchinson, who comprised, all three of them, the multi-media group "Feathers". He had come for me to write an article about them for a paper which I believe was called the Notting Hill Herald, and for which I profiled musicians. It folded before David's article was published. In those days I also wrote for IT, and did pieces on JoAnne Kelly, Dave Kelly and Ralph McTell. (Nobody had made it at that time. Not even me!)