Pomes for Gnomes

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   1. The Gnome's Song 

  2. Half an Inch an Hour

  3. Fred the Dragon Catcher

  4. The Beetle in the Bath

  5. Your Humble Serpent

  6. Bill the Mammoth Basher mp3

  7. The Goal of a Mole (Poem) mp3

  8. Strange Presents

  9. Bedtime

10. Little Nancy and the Sea Serpent

11. The Three Toad Frog

12. The Moo Moo Cowboy

13. Blackbeard the Pirate

14. Little Babby Blue Shoes

15. Salt Pork and Biscuits

16. Squid Jiggers Swagger


Copyright Mike Absalom.  Cover illustration by Cornelia Weinmann.

All songs were recorded in 1999 by Greg Stuart at Grene Genes Production Studios, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.

All songs written, composed and arranged by Mike Absalom in the 1980s.

The lyrics are available in a separate textbook: Professor Absalom's Pomes for Gnomes.

Mike Absalom presents you in Pomes For Gnomes with a collection of his own songs and poems for children. He accompanies himself on the Celtic harp, on accordion and squeeze-box. The songs are whimsical and full of surprises. As with his compositions for older audiences, Mikeís kidsí songs follow in the humorous story-telling tradition of Lewis Carroll, Ogden Nash and Flanders & Swan. They are full of delightful twists and turns and strange plots, and will make you chuckle and groan and roar with laughter. More importantly, they have been on the road, and have been thoroughly kid-tested. So they make children chuckle and groan and roar with laughter! Originally written in Canada for his own children in the early 1980ís, the songs on this CD have been performed by Mike from the Yukon to the US border, in hundreds of concerts at schools and libraries, and at private and public get-togethers. 

As Professor Absalom and his Amazing Acrobatic Street Dolls Mike has travelled all over British Columbia, Canada, and sung these pieces at festivals and childrenís events for more than twenty years. The songs are funny and beautifully crafted, and if there is a deeper meaning buried inside many of them, it is hidden unobtrusively underneath quite a few layers of charming melody, entertaining story line and outrageous punning.

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