Mike Absalom

1. Saga of John the Bog  Lyrics   Cartoon
2. Don't Tell it on the Telephone
3. Let Me Give You Roses, Rose
4. Old Woman in the Moon
5. Saga of Ernie Plugg's Bust  Lyrics  Cartoon
6. Saga of Suzie Grapevine and Pusher Joe Lyrics Cartoon
7. Frightened of the Dark
8. Gaza Striptease
9. It Must Be Spring
10. Saga of Peaches Melba and the Hash Officer  Lyrics   Cartoon

1971 Vertigo 6360 050
All songs written and arranged by Mike Absalom
Produced by Patrick Cambell-Lyons
Published by Julkit Music Ltd
Sleeve photos and drawings by Roger Dean

Copyright Mike Absalom


CD issue on German Repertoire Label (REP 5099) in a limited edition of 3000