Vintage Absalom

  1. Let's Not (Make Love)

  2. Keep on Good Terms with Worms

  3. Gdansk

  4. The Whitby Dracula

  5. Saudi Arabian Alcoholics Anonymous

  6. The Terrible Werewolves, Parts I & II

  7. The Vegetarian Cat  mp3

  8. Status Quo, Parts I & II

  9. Hector the Dope Sniffing Hound  Lyrics   Picture of Hector

10. The Three Toad Frog

11. Daddy Long Legs

12. The Goal of a Mole

13. Your Humble Serpent

14. How Divine

15. Grousing about Housing

16. The Ancient Briton

17. Top Management Blues

18. Slaves to the System

19. The Gorgon, Parts I & II

20. Mrs Fanshaw mp3


Copyright Mike Absalom. 

Cover illustration by Cornelia Weinmann.


All songs were recorded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1981 and written, composed and arranged by Mike Absalom between 1971 and 1981.

Mike Absalom was one of the real folk-singing characters of the 70's club and college music circuit. He wrote his own material, which largely consisted of his wry and humorous observations on various aspects of life. His work is full of essentially British-style humour and looks at the lighter side of drugs, sex, the church, politics and conflicts with authority. Mike's songs repay repeated listening as clever rhymes, puns and amusing storylines abound. 

Vintage Absalom includes songs written and performed for Mike's weekly current affairs satirical spot on CKVU-TV in Vancouver, British Columbia, during 1980-81, with the addition of many previously unpublished titles from the early 70's and some of his most popular songs from his tours of British Folk Clubs, Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities during those years. Mike accompanies himself on ragtime guitar.