The Great Grombolian Connection

1. Intro and Plot

2. The Ancient Briton

3. Plot

4. Cafe Ole

5. Plot

6. The Necrophile

7. Storytime with Old Uncle Abo

8. The Bogey Man

9. Plot

10. Shrivelrous Males

11. Mr Punch

12. Pax Romana

13. Intro Government Retraining Scheme

14. Government Retraining Scheme

15. Patter

16. Noah and his Chopper

17. Plot
18. Hector the Dope Sniffing Hound  Lyrics   Picture of Hector

19. Plot

20. WPC Sadie Stick, MacLagan and Bomber Dina  Lyrics   Cartoon strip    Illustration
21. Natasha the Flasher

All songs were recorded live by Mark Watson in Wolverhampton in 1978 and written, composed and arranged by Mike Absalom.

Copyright Mike Absalom.

Cover illustration by Cornelia Weinmann 

The Great Grombolian Connection was one of a series of shows written and performed during the 70ís as a live entertainment for college students. These shows consisted of convoluted pun-filled plots interspersed with Mikeís songs and poems and featured lots of (primitive) technical gadgetry and fun of the fair, including pre-recorded sound effects and musical clips, the detonation on stage of ear-shattering, ceiling-cracking maroons, flash pans, bubble and fog machines, exploding speaker cabinets which flew open to reveal a rude (in the sense of not for the Mothersí Union) Punch and Judy stage, ventriloquism and tap-dancing, garish make-up, blood capsules and rubber skulls and handfuls of supposedly mind-altering cigarettes tossed liberally into the crowd. This particular show is unique in that it records both the Punch and Judy segment and also Mike singing one of his songs to piano accompaniment and tap-dancing at the same time!

Other shows were Joking to Death, Drugula, She Must Have Big Ones (No Change Accepted), The Adventures of Hieronymous (he was small and squat and always felt higher on a mouse) and Chomsky, The Amazing Icelandic Yum Yum Kippers Again War, Doctor Hoo-Ha and the Turdis, and many more, the titles of which have disappeared into the toilets of time and the onset of middle-age and respectability from which Mike suffered chronically for about twenty-five years.

Mark Watson recorded this live performance (one of the last scripts Mike wrote in this helter-skelter style of comedy) at Wolverhampton Polytechnic in 1978 and graciously passed it on to Mike. It now lives on like a valiant pensioner to instruct and amaze the straighter and narrower generations which came later, or as some might say: too late.