The Amazing Acrobatic Street Dolls

Professor Absalom sits on a chair in the middle of a field playing his Oom-Pa-Pa accordion. On the accordion case at his side two small sawyers (dancing puppets) polka in time to the music. All around him are large brightly painted trunks, opened to expose the wooden foot pedals inside. Each trunk displays on its top a wooden acrobat or animal. Children (or adults!) are seated on chairs at the trunks, operating the dolls and making them dance to the music. Smaller children sit on the grass in front of the Professor beating time with rhythm instruments and maracas made from plastic vinegar bottles filled with rice or beans. This is a performance by Professor Absalom, with his Amazing Acrobatic Street Dolls. It can last an hour. It can last six hours! It is not a formal concert in the manner of his Hands-On Children’s Concert. It is a Festival Event, much as the presence of a Balloon Animal Person or a Face Painter is a Festival Event. It is peaceful. It is unique.

The Professor carves and paints his own dolls and mechanisms and YOU come and have the fun of operating them.  The Professor has taken some of his dolls as far South as Tierra  del Fuego and as far North as the Yukon Territory. And of course, he has taken them to most of the Festivals and Summer Events here on the Lower Mainland, B.C.! Sometimes, on warm summer days, when there is a breeze, and lots of time to spare, he even takes his Paraguayan Harp and adds that to the show.

Photos of the Amazing Acrobatic Street Dolls

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“…he had young and old alike happily working the dolls to the rhythm of his music. Professor Absalom has a wonderful gentle manner with people. His Dolls are a unique and friendly addition to this atmosphere and were loved by all.”  AP (City of Nanaimo Parks & Recreation)


“…thousands of visitors have been delighted with the interactive entertainment you provide as “Professor Absalom and the Amazing Dancing Dolls.  Children (and  adults) love the opportunity to make these dolls dance, twirls and leap to the musical accompaniment you provide…You are a consummate professional Mike. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire you again,  again and again.” SL (Special Events GVRD Parks)